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Weathered Rock Veterinary Clinic is a locally owned, small animal veterinary hospital in Jefferson City, Missouri.  We care because life is better with pets!  We dedicate ourselves to healing pets and providing owners with knowledge to give pets long, happy, healthy lives.  

Our doctors and staff pride ourselves in our ability to get patients same day or next day appointments! 

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Dr. French and staff are now registered to perform the best hip dysplasia screening test in dogs: the PennHIP certification.

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All dogs can benefit from PennHIP testing. For pet dogs found to be at risk to develop hip osteoarthritis, early intervention such as JPS surgery at 16 weeks and weight control can help prevent or lessen the severity of canine hip dysplasia. For working/service dogs, identifying a dog with healthy hips can extend the working life of the dog. For breeding dogs, early detection of at-risk hips can allow the breeder to make early, informed decisions as to which dogs to keep in breeding programs

Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD)

• Is the most commonly inherited orthopedic disease

• Leads to hip arthritis causing pain, stiffness, and diminished quality of life

• Has no medical or surgical cure

• Afflicts more than 50% of the dogs within some breeds

• Clinically affects large breed dogs more severely than smaller breed dogs


THE KEY FACTOR: Hip Laxity is the key factor in the development of Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD). The hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint, with the ball of the femur (femoral head) fitting into the hip socket (acetabulum). Hip laxity refers to the degree of “looseness” of the ball in the hip socket. Studies have shown that dogs with looser hips (excessive hip laxity) are at higher risk to develop hip dysplasia than dogs with tighter hips (minimal hip laxity).


THE SOLUTION AIS -PennHIP Hip Improvement Program The research-based hip-screening procedure known as PennHIP has proven to be the most accurate and precise method to measure hip laxity. It can identify—as early as 16 weeks of age—dogs that are susceptible to developing hip dysplasia. This offers breeders the opportunity to make early decisions on breeding stock, and allows veterinarians to advise pet owners on lifestyle adjustments and preventive strategies to minimize the pain and progression of the disease.


COVID 19 WRVC update 5/9/22


Weathered Rock Veterinary Clinic is still open and caring for animals. We want you and your pets to stay safe.  If special arrangements need to be made please call ahead. 

If you are sick, please reschedule your appointment.


We can mail you refill medications as needed.  Please call 1-2 days ahead for prescription refills.  Also, check our online pharmacy for refills of medications and prescription food options. Pet food can be mailed to your doorstep!


Let us know if there is any other way we can help you.

-Weathered Rock Vet Clinic

COVID 19 Questions and Guidance

The American Veterinary Medical Association has a fantastic website with guidance on COVID 19 as it relates to pets and veterinary medicine.

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